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Parkour- Urban Athletics
Isareli Traceurs practicing the sport of Parkour
Israel, 2012 - 18 Pictures
Not Like A Stranger - It's All About Love
Refugees and foreign workers families in Israel
Israel, 2011 - 27 Pictures
Dance is Silent Poetry
Dance students from class to theatre
Israel, 2011 - 35 Pictures
Miss Commander
Havat Hashomer’s Israeli women commanders
Israel, 2010 - 17 Pictures
Just Eight Days Old
Jewish religious circumcision (Brit Milah) ceremony Israel, 2010 - 26 Pictures
Sudan In Israel
Celebration of the South Sudan Referendum Days
Israel, 2010/11 - 23 Pictures
Women In Men's Jobs
Israeli women doing traditionally male work
Israel, 2009 - 28 Pictures
My Incredible India
Portraits and Moments from sacred India
India, 2005/08 - 45 Pictures
Points of View
Self portraits made by visually impaired people
England 2002/03 - 20 Pictures
Between Body and Reality
The Body Seen as an Expression of Itself
Italy, 1999 - 12 Pictures
Full Empty Places
Panoramas of Polish concentration camps as they are seen today. Poland, 1998 - 20 Pictures
Celebrity Portraits
Portraits of celebrities from around the world
30 Pictures
Fashion Portraits
Fashion portraits
22 Pictures
Tearsheets of Publications
World 1998/2012 - 24 Pictures